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Common Sense Solutions®

Professional Network

The firm has a well-established network of agents in Canada, including experienced counsel in Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and their surrounding areas. Stillman LLP also has established agency relationships with various other law firms throughout the United States and Great Britain.

Effective Results

Stillman LLP is fortunate in having experienced lawyers and staff committed to the team approach on all files. In almost every instance, more than one lawyer will be aware of the events in progress of a file in order to provide aggressive and continuous service. This not only means that matters can be advanced expeditiously, but it also translates into more economical and effective results for our clients.

West Edmonton Lawyers

Stillman LLP is a general law firm located in West Edmonton with a wealth of experience related to civil litigation, corporate and commercial matters, real estate, family law, and wills and estates. Our team of lawyers in Edmonton represents clients throughout Alberta and most of Canada. We have also represented clients from Ireland, France, Austria, South Africa and throughout the United States. Our firm is able to provide legal services to both individual and commercial clients. Our team of lawyers take an aggressive approach to customer commitment. Whether working with individuals or businesses, we personalize our legal service to each situation, and we utilize our depth of knowledge and experience.

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