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Professional Regulatory Law

Professional Regulatory Law in Edmonton

Stillman LLP provides comprehensive advice to numerous professional regulatory organizations
and to member services associations in the following areas:

  • Governance, administration and management matters including potential college and
    council liability, interpretation and analysis of governance models, jurisdictional and
    policy compliance and overall risk management as well as assisting in responding to
    Ombudsman investigations and complaints.
  • All aspects of legislative drafting, interpretation and implementation including scope of
    practice, restricted activities, title usage, supervision, delegation, registration and
    renewal requirements and the provision of member services.
  • Drafting and amending Bylaws, Policies, Codes of Ethics and Standards of Practice and
    terms of reference for committees and personnel.
  • Lead counsel and independent legal counsel in discipline and registration hearings and
    appeals (including investigations and all steps that precede a hearing or appeal), judicial
    reviews and alternative complaint resolution matters.
  • Initial registration, practice permits and renewals, registration reinstatement and related
    appeal processes generally and regarding substantial equivalency requirements.
  • Extensive involvement in the development and assessment of Continuing Competence
    programs and Practice Visit programs including advice on jurisdictional, implementation
    and enforcement aspects of those programs. This encompasses analyzing both
    traditional continuing competence models as well as new and more transparent skills-
    based models for demonstrating ongoing core competencies.
  • Appearing at all levels of court in Alberta regarding unauthorized practice, illegal use of
    and restricted titles and obtaining interim and permanent injunctions.

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