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Real Estate Law

Edmonton Real Estate Law

Real estate law can have many different components and the lawyers at Stillman LLP in Edmonton are able to assist and guide clients throughout the entire process from preparation to closing. Edmonton real estate agents and brokers, home builders and land developers all utilize Stillman LLP’s experience for residential real estate, new home construction, condominium, and land development. The goal at Stillman LLP is to complete your project or transaction in an efficient, practical, and cost-effective way.

Residential Real Estate

Whether you are buying, selling, or refinancing your home, the real estate lawyers at Stillman LLP are able to assist with all of the legal requirements in order to facilitate a smooth transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

Our clients include small and large home builders, mortgage brokers, land developers, and condominium corporations. We assist home builders and land developers with all aspects of development and new home construction. We also assist corporations with all of their commercial real estate needs, including acquisitions and sales, development, leasing, and lending.

Our experience includes:

  • real estate acquisitions and sales
  • real estate development and construction
  • leasing
  • landlord and tenant disputes
  • easements, rights of way and restrictive covenants and other interests in land
  • condominium projects and disputes
  • commercial and industrial transactions

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